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How to Prevent Damage to your Teeth from Easter Treats

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Did you know that Easter is the second largest holiday for candy purchases in America? In fact, only Halloween beats out Easter when it comes to an abundance of sugary treats.  We don’t expect you to give up candy all together (who could?!), but we do want to remind you that candy can cause tooth decay and damage if oral hygiene is neglected.

Sugary chocolates, taffies, and other candies create an ideal environment for bacteria that can cause plaque, which produces a harmful acid that attacks your teeth. If this “attack” lasts 20 minutes or more, it can cause tooth decay, damage, and cavities.

So, we’ll look the other way if you choose to indulge in a few jelly beans out of your kid’s Easter baskets. Just always be sure to brush and floss as soon as possible after you’re done to ensure optimal oral health.

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