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Treating a Moderate case of TMJ Disorder

Posted February 1, 2016.
TMJ disorder is related to an injury or inflammation problem in the joints that hinge your jaw. The earliest symptoms of TMJ disorder include a persistent dull ache near the ears or temples. It might also include a pain when opening your mouth, chewing or grinding food.

There are several potential causes including arthritis, alignment issues, dislocation, and grinding your teeth. The primary cause, severity, and duration you’ve had the problem will influence your treatment options.

One way of treatment may involve an adjustment in certain lifestyle choices, with the intention that a reduction in cause and inflammation may allow the joints to heal and muscle tension to ease. This includes eating soft foods, staying away from hard foods, crunchy foods, and soothing the muscles with heat packs.

If after a few weeks of this modified behavior, if you are still experiencing symptoms, your physician or oral health professional might recommend more advanced treatment options.

If you have questions or concerns about TMJ disorder, please call us at to schedule an appointment. Early diagnosis improves your chances for successful treatment.

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